Originally from Iran, I moved to the United States 31 years ago. I have made Bellingham my home for the last 24 years. For most of that time I have worked as a real estate agent.

I specialize in helping Foreign-born Home Buyers

The process of buying a home or property in the US can seem daunting at first. If your first language is not English it can be very difficult to understand what realtors, bankers and other professionals are saying. Application forms are sometimes hard even for the American-born buyer to understand. I had many questions myself when I first arrived in the US but I managed to complete my purchase of a house here. I learned valuable information from that experience. Since then I have helped many other people go through this same process. Even though you may speak very little English, I can help you look for a house, talk with bankers and title companies with you, and help you successfully purchase a home.

I have worked 24 years in Bellingham/Whatcom County.

I am familiar with the laws, rules and regulations of purchasing a home or property in the Bellingham / Whatcom county area. I have worked with many brokers, title companies and bankers in this city. I will help you do everything properly so the process goes smoothly.

I negotiate the best price for you

I have studied Bellingham's housing market for over 2 decades and I am familiar with many of the houses in town and their purchase history. When I look for a house for a client, I look as if I was going to buy it myself. I know when the price is too high and when it is cheap. I am a bargain hunter in my soul and always try to get the best price for your home or property.

Matt M. Shafa