For Foreign Born Buyers

Can a foreigner buy property in the US? Is it safe to buy in the US? A Foreigner can buy property in the US although some countries have restrictions on allowing their citizens to buy property outside of their own country. Yes it is safe to buy in the US as long as you go through the proper legal channels.
What visas are available for immigration and permanent citizenship? Here are links to the government pages on the immigrant visa process and on becoming a naturalized citizen:
What are typical costs associated with owning property in the US? If you need to take out a mortgage you will be required to have homeowners insurance. Also, you are required to pay property taxes on your house. Repairs and upgrades need to be kept up in order to maintain the value of your home for when the time comes to sell it.
Which nationalities of people are you able to help with their real estate needs? I have helped many people buy a home who did not speak English well. I know many of the questions people have when buying a home and what information they need. I can guide you through the process, no matter what your country of origin or native language is.
How do I start buying a home or investment property? One of the first steps you will need to take is determining what you can afford. If you need a mortgage then you will need to find a banker and be pre-approved for a loan before looking for a home. I can help you with this process as well as other steps needed. Please contact me for more information.